Prompt 368B

A concerned citizen, a 43-year old Stoughton man, called for police Tuesday afternoon after watching a female driver slam her SUV – multiple times – into rear-end of a moving car. The witness kept looking as the car’s male driver hit the brakes on Sunfish Court. Next he saw the angry and agitated suspect get out. She went to the stopped car and began pounding on its windows. Simultaneously, she was screaming obscenities at the man and his female. The suspect fled before police arrived, and the male driver told officers this was not a case of random road rage. He said the suspect is an ex-girlfriend, and the woman with him, in the car, is his current girlfriend.

He went on to explain that he was driving south on Turbot Dr., toward Post Rd., when he looked in his rearview mirror. It was at that moment he realized his ex was tailing him; tailing him and his new friend. Shortly thereafter, the suspect began ramming his car. He estimates the number of strikes were more than a half-dozen. He feared for his safety and for that of his woman friend, and that is why he pulled onto Sunfish Court and hit the brakes. He and the other woman kept doors locked, and windows up, during the ensuing tirade. He said the suspect wanted to get at them, but eventually gave up and left. She remains at large.

 Describe what happened either just before or just after this. Which character’s story do you want to tell?


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