Why Books and Words Matter, part 1

Once you read a book, you are part of the club. Whether it be the club of Dr. Seuss or Tolstoy. Every book has a club. Every person who reads it is personally told the story by the author. That story becomes partially yours. You own it. It becomes a small piece of who you are.

Every book you read has some influence on you and you on it.

I like used books the best because all of the people that have read it before you brought some of their energy to that physical mass of paper and are giving it to you. You put some of your energy in as you read it. Books are meant to be passed on. They are tiny portions of who we are as human beings and how we understand what that means. Some books we like, some we don’t, but they are all part of the conversation. Once you read a book and think about it in the tiniest way, you have a voice in the conversation too. Forever.



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