Words- Britney Karr

Dear words,

I do not like to write. I like to read and listen to good music, not the bad kind of music. But the good kind.  The types of books I like to read are mystery books and romance novels. I also like to read Seventeen Magazine. And another thing I like to read is Facebook. Facebook isn’t really a good thing to be reading but I like to read it and so do a lot of my friends. I think people like Facebook because they can keep in touch with there old friends from school. They also like it because if they want to say something they dont have to say it in person. They dont want to say it in person because they are afraid the person they are texting will think they are weird or walk away and never talk to them again. Some things I like to listen to are music… who doesnt like music? I know who doesn’t, weird people thats who. I like many types of music, so it depends on the song. So i like many types… just leave it as that. But my favorite would have to be country… yeah, i know, many people dont like country, but i dont care. And those are some reasons why I am a consumer.


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