Reading & Writing, [Selina A]


You are a very important part of my everyday life . I use you two everyday. You help me better understand the world, communicate with others and express myself to the outside.

When I think about reading and writing I immediately think “WORDS” or “LANGUAGE” because those are two things you need in order to read and write or to just simply speak. Communication is a VERY VERY important part of humanity, it’s what makes our worlds spin. Everyday, whether its a text, Facebook message, letter or email, we use language and words and therefor read or write. I can state the fact that daily, I read and write hundreds of texts, update my Facebook status and send between 5 and 10 messages or wall posts. I assume that just like they are for me, reading and writing are huge parts of many people’s lives.

Without reading and writing  people wouldn’t be able to express themselves through song lyrics, poetry, books, statuses, letters, etc. Through someone’s writing or their reading intrestests you can learn alot. For example when I write I always like to  include random little details and 9 out 0f 10 times, those small details that most pay no mind to, in some way express my current mood, an old memory or something thats very meaningful to me. Also, whether it’s a street sign, the news paper or photo captions, Isee words and read them EVERYWHERE! I like knowing what something says, even if it’s just an Allstate billboard that says “Are you in good hands.” I like understanding the world and things that surround me daily.


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