Mini Essay…BOOM

In my opinion, I do believe that high school should NOT be extended. These teenagers WILL loose interest. Possibly, alot. They already have the option of dropping out early. What makes YOU REAAAALLLLY believe that we would actually want to go there for ONE MORE year. All we want to do is just get it over. We already get enough, excuse my language, but “BS” from our peers, our teachers, as well as our PARENTS, stressing about our grades, about our extra curriculur, our relationships, etc. Yes, staying another year MAY better prepare you for a college of your choice. However, if kids were receiving the educationing that they were supposed to be provided, college life would come at ease to them. And there are programs that parents can get their kids into that also help prepare kids for college during their high school years, such as the People Program or UpperBound. Honestly, extending high school is (sorry for my language), D-U-M-B. -_- Maybe it’s because I dislike it, maybe it’s just because I’m a teenager. This just goes to show you how important it is to forecast this decision. Take a second. Think about it!



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