Jake Berlin

Dear Words,

            I like you. There are many of you and I use most of them. I use words when I talk on a daily basis, so you’re just about to closest thing to me that knows what I am talking about and understands everything I say. I listen to you constantly with others speaking and even right now reading these words as I write them.

            I constantly hear words, because I am constantly listening to music. The words are more creative and have profanity but they still count and all have meanings. I rather not read a book but sometimes I have to. I do not like writing things academically, but If I write something that actually catches my interest I am fine with it.

            So words and I constantly come in contact with each other and we can’t live without each other, I need words to speak in many ways, and words need me to speak them and make them have purpose. So no matter what if I like it or not words are always there and there is no possible way anyone can escape them.


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