Dear Writing

Dear Writing


                I have so much in common with you. Every day in my life I hear words. The song I am hearing right now inspires me because you are there. Sometimes when I am sad I hear sad songs and your songs makes sense with me. Well what I am trying to say is that you make sense for every single of my emotions. For my English class I have to write poems or essays and I love how you flow through my mind because it sounds so good. At the end my teacher gives me a good grade and I am happy because of you. In addition you could describe me.

                You are my drug that keeps me inspired every day in my life. Without you I wouldn’t have accomplish some of my dreams. I know for sure you are still going to be with me in my future. For example I am still thinking if I should be a writer. I could write poems or short/long novels. That’s how much I need you.

                Writing I love hearing songs and you are there so the song makes sense. You could describe me very well. I love the way you flow through my mind. You make me so happy and you’re going to be with me for the rest of my life so don’t get sad.


Sincerely: Daisy Mejia


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