Dear Words (Ingrid)

Dear Words,

          You fill my mind with ideas that are at times like a paradox. I know what you are trying to communicate with me, but I can’t grasp the fact the what your letters are describing can possibly be true. At times you hinder our relationship with a combination like “You won’t understand” or “You’re not old enough” but I hope you realize that I can do, or at least try what you tell me is “impossible”. 

           Don’t get me wrong there are also times where you let me do as I please. I am grateful to you for allowing me to communicate with those around me, even if at times I am to shy to actually say them. But I guess what I am most grateful to you is your ability to mesh and connect in infinite possibilities that become poems and scripts to which movies and plays are created. The books that you allow  authors to write are the connections between what is physically possible to worlds unknown to man. From the Dr. Seuss books where green eggs and ham can be eaten on a train or in the rain to the totalinarism world of Louis Lowry’s book “The Giver”.   

           I hope you realize how important you are not only to me but the whole human species in health, communication and living. 




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