Dear Words, -Heidi Her

Dear Writing and Reading,

How do I feel about you? I passionately dislike you at times but when I want to write, I like you! However, when I have to write essays and think about what I have to write I can’t seem to produce the right words to complete my assignment. Therefore I believe I’m a consumer of you? When I write I can express myself or just write down how I feel which releases my stress. Writing is a lot, but to accomplish many things in life I have to write. Overall Writing is better than reading for me I guess.

Reading is boring! NOT all the time. I like reading too, but not everything on the shelves. Only certain stories that are an eye catcher to me. Honestly always reading for me is difficult, because I need to find the best books that fit my type of reading to actually be interested in it. For example, in the beginning of the summer I went to the library and spent all my time there just trying to find a book and I only took ONE book home and still didn’t read it. In all I think writing is more interesting to me rather than reading, because I find it difficult to find good books to read and writing is freehand.


Heidi Her


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