Dear sWORD..Did i spell that right? ;0 By Dria

Dear Words,

My relationship with you is incredible.

I use you alot, however, i am not sorry at all.  With you my tone rises, or possibly fall.

I use you for your entertainment, profaning, complaining.

I use you to be mean, to be nice, to sing, to compliment rice.

I use you to comfort, I question you. Words, you never slumber, I’m blessed of you.

I create more of you so i forgive you if you don’t comprehend. It’s used mostly by women. WAY less by men.

Gotta admit it to ya words, you’re sometimes used more than you should be. Not necessarily a bad thing or a good thing.

..It’s not great!

Am I a producer of you..shure*. Am i a consumer of you? More than most. Words you are everyWHERE!! And to that, i give a toast.Are you ready words? There’s a million things you can do. Shoo* I’m makin alot more of you so I think right now, I shall POST!!

Boom, Pow, Bang!! The end ;0


One Response to “Dear sWORD..Did i spell that right? ;0 By Dria”

  1. wiscopeople2135 Says:

    That was BOSS!

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