Dear reading -Gavin

Dear Reader,

i like you, ❤ why?

There are many reason that i like u more than writing. Maybe its because i like top imagine what I’m reading rather than writing it and hoping it sounds good. Maybe i like you more because you take much less brain power to do than to write an 2 paragraph paper in 12 min. Maybe its because Ive grown up Reading a lot more books than i have writ them because its just straight up more fun. what ever the reason is there has to be explanation on the fact that i love reading alot more than writing, But there are thing s about reasoning i do and don’t like.

Reading to me can either mean two things. either i get into a book and i cant put it down for a good amount of time or i have to read a textbook and it is the most boring thing i have ever done. But with the text book i also have to write which i reallyyyyy do not like doing. another thing i don’t like about reading is when someone makes me read. if I’m forced too then i automatically really don’t feel like doing it so i delay and don’t rather than i choose to read ( because I’m probably grounded.) and i get really in to the book. But to be fair i have to put the pros and cons of writing also.

    Writing is just something i have never liked doing because i have to do it on my own most6 of the time. Like when i have to do a paper and i have no idea how to start i, then i get frustrated and i don’t even continue trying to do it. But there are high points to writing too because when i start writing about something i like like a story or some review of some sort that i like then  i really get into it and i wont stop till its done and over with.

So with reading and writing there aer both pros and cons but in the end i have to still go with reading just on the fact that it takes less brain power to do so and i actually enjoy doing it most of the time.

i like you, ❤


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