Are you a Producer or a Consumer? Mai Chong Thao

Dear writing,

I think I’m a Producer and a Consumer because I can explain about myself better if I write and read or talk. I’m a producer because I likes to write to express my feelings, I like to write to say about something that i got to say, and i like to write to get to know people more. As writing i think it helps me better because sometimes writing can tells people more about myself instead of talking. Also, I’m a consumer to because sometimes reading can makes me think harder and it helps me improve. I think I’m both a producer and a consumer because words, writing, and reading all helps me become a better person and it helps me explain about things that I couldn’t write or read or say out loud.

I think I’m a producer because as a producer it helps me better when I’m not comfortable talking or saying it out loud. sometimes being a producer helps me a lot because it helps me explain my pain and the kind of feeling I have inside that can’t be spoken out. For example when I’m worried about something about a person and can’t be said to them i usually write too them to tell about my feeling and what I’m feeling now.  As a consumer it helps me sometimes to because sometimes the writing can’t be explain so i use consumer to express it. Everyday i like to use consumer because its faster and easier then writing. Everyday i likes to use words because it helps all the time.For example when talking to a friend about some kind of thing i use word or talking because its faster and easier then writing it too them.

As you can see I’m both a producer and a consumer because it both helps me in one and another way. Also i think that both of them helps me a lot because sometimes when word can’t be spoken its easier to just write it. Both of them can helps me succeed and do better in life because they both are helpful and help me through life.


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