I prefer reading over writing. I’m not a bad writer, I enjoy it just as much as reading, but I’d rather hear about others thoughts and ideas than my own.  It’s nice to be taken into someone else’s world and look at something from a different perspective.

The best part about reading is making up your own image of a character, getting to choose who the good/bad guy is to you, and imagining what else might happen once you finish the story. I feel like with reading, you can always just pick up where you left off. But with writing for me, if I stop in the middle of writing something, I can go back to it later but I can’t make it sound like it did before. If I really want to write something, I sit down and write the entire paper all at once. 

I also feel like if I read someone’s writings first, then I can get some ideas or see what not to do. I can learn from their mistakes, or fix my mistakes by seeing what they did wrong. I can make a much better paper.


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