Is he looking at me? I think he might be… but what if he thinks I look weird and that’s why he’s looking at me… I’ll try to talk to him. So i said, 
    “Hey.” and he said, 
    “What’s your name?”
    “I’m Joe, what’s your name?”
    “Um, uh, my name? Oh yeah, my name is Ashley.”
    “Well it’s nice to meet you Ashley. I got to go, I’ll talk to you another time, bye.”
    “Um ok, bye.”
    He was so cute! He is the cutest guy I’ve ever seen! He has brown hair, brown eyes, a great smile, and he talked to me! no guy has ever talked to me without leaving right away. But how could i forget my name? Well, next time I see him, I will definately remember my name. The next day at school, he started talking to me! Our conversation went like this, he said,
    “Hey, how’s it going?” and I said,
    “Hi, it’s going good, how are you?” and then he said,
    “Good… so um I was wondering if you would want to hangout?”
   That made me very happy to hear him say that! So obviously I said yes! So later when we were hanging out, we didn’t know each other real well, so we played the question game. I know it’s sily, but we had nothing better to do. We asked many questions, but then he asked the question, “Do you have a boyfriend?”
    So i said no. Then i asked him the same question,except i asked if he had a girlfriend, not boyfriend. His answer was yes. That made me sad. He said he loved her a lot, but he said he was starting to like me. So when we were still talking he told me he is starting to become very confused. I told him that he should not be confused at all. I told him he should not even like me. We only go to camp together and probably will never see each other again. Then he looked at me, grabbed my hand and told me he can’t help it that he likes me, he also told me I am cute, nice and not afraid to be myself. So a couple days later, he had said he had broken up with his girlfriend because he found out that she was cheating on him while he was away. I was so shocked! Why would anyone want to cheat on such a sweet and caring guy like Joe? So for the next couple days we hungout more and got to know each other a lot more. Then the last day of camp was here. I was very sad to be leaving Joe. So as I said goodbye to everyone else, I saw Joe standing there waiting for his goodbye. I walked up tp him to give him a hug goodbye, then all of a sudden he grabbed me and kissed me! I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I know he likes me and sad because i will probably never see him again. So after we said our goodbyes, I got in the car, looked out the window one last time, and then we headed home.

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