Sylvia Plath -Britney Karr

Sylvia Plath… she lived from October 27, 1932 – February 11, 1963. She was an american poet, novelist and a short story writer. She is considered a smart person because she is best known for her two collections, The Colossus and other Peoms and Ariel. She became the first poet to win a Pulitzer Prize in 1982. She was married to Ted Hughes from 1956 – 1963 and she had two children named Frieda Hughes and Nicholas Hughes. Plath died when Nicholas was only one years old. In June, Plath had a car accident, which was described as one of the many suicide attempts. In July 1962, Plath discovered that her husband had been having an affair with someone by the name of Wevill and then in September, the couple seperated. In the beginning of that October, Plath had experienced a great burst of creativity adn wrote at least 26 poems from her collection Areil. In January 1963, her novel, The Bell Jar, published under the pen name Victoria Lucas. On February 11, 1963, a nurse was due to help Plath at 9 o’clock in the morning with her two children. when she finally entered the house, so came to find Plath dead with her head in the oven, having the rooms sealed between her and her two sleeping children with wet towels and clothes. At approximately 4:30 am, Plath had placed her head in the oven, with the gas on. She was only 30 years old when she died. And that is Syliva Plath.


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