Stephen Hawking by Lesli

Stephen Hawking was born January 8 of 1942. He is now 69 years old. Stephen went to The University of Oxford and Cambridge. He has a severe case of a illness called motor neuron disease. He was diagnosed when he was 21. The disease is so powerful that it has taken away almost all of his abilities including arms, legs, and his voice. He communicates through a voice synthesizer with an American English accent and is searching for a new one with the same quality as his old one. He has to enter text for the synthesizer to talk for him. It looks easy but in one conference it took him 7 minutes to answer a question. Stephen has won 15 different scientific awards. Stephen studied  Physics, Cosmology, and Mathematics. He is well known for Black holes, Theoretical cosmology, Quantum gravity, and  Hawking Radiation. Here is a clip of him talking about the universe.



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