George Plimpton – Gavin

George plimpton was born in New York city on March 18th, 1927.  He spent most of his early life in a apartment in the upper east part of Manhattan.  He was the son of a very successful lawyer named Taylor Pearson Plimpton who was the son of the founder of Ginn publishing company. so as you can see they grew up in a pretty good situation.  His mother was the daughter of a artist named Blanche Ames.  Her name was  Pauline ames who wasn’t yet famous for her writing bus soon would be.

    As he got older he started attending schools of course. He attended st. Bernard’s school, daytona mainland high school. when he graduated college he got accepted to Harvard but before going to Harvard he was already greatly into the activities in Harvard. he wrote for the Harvard lampoon and was in Pi Eta and also in the Porcellian club. When he finally entered Harvard in 1944 in June he found out that the subject he had the most int rest in was English so he pursued it through college. And adding to that he was part of 1948 class of Harvard but didn’t actually graduate till 2 years later because of military actions.  He joined the army and served from 1945-1948 and was a tank driver for U.S Army. And to finish his education he went to Cambridge college in England and earned his second bachelors agree.  He was a accomplished writer who writer for the Paris review and was the first chief editor of that paper. He later wrote more and more fot the Paris Review and soon he was trying to play golf at professional level. that may have not worked but he the wrote a little for Sport Illustrated and after all his writings and articles in 1961 he was appointed by J.F.K to be a ambassador.

Later on he wrote a family opera named libretto. But something interesting is that it didn’t come out to public till November 2008, 5 years after her death. but yes he died in new york city on September 25th, 2003 by a hard attack in his hotel room. HE was only 76. George is  remembered by all of his goals that he has accomplished over his whole life even till soon before his last breath he had written the opera libretto.


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