Dorothy Parker-Heidi’s!

One of the most successful women during her time, Dorothy Parker, born on August 22nd 1893 was sarcastic yet witty. When she was 4 years old her mother died and during that time her father remarried making her life harder therefore she went to a private school. As she grew older her brother died boarding the Titanic and her father died a year later. However she was still influential with her life she began to write articles for different magazines and newspapers. Later on Vogue accepted her to work and then she moved to Vanity Fair and then on she became New York’s only female drama critic during her time.

She wrote many poems and quotes which were published, for example Vanity had accepted her poem called “Any parch.” Then the start of her literary career was when she wrote “Such a Pretty Little Picture,” and right after that she divorced her husband. She moved to the Algonquin Hotel. Overall she started writing short plays and scripts and she did screen writings. Further on she became the New Yorker’s book reviewer in October of 1925. In all she was one of the most smartest woman in her time.


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